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Can I leave my pool open year round?

Can I Leave My Swimming Pool Open Year Round? This year, we took a few calls from customers asking if this can be done. Yes, it can, but you need to weigh the good with the bad before making this decision.


Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades ‘Going green’ the new mantra of consumers throughout the world.

Pool Ladder in Snow

Winter Pool Maintenance: The Right Way

Whether you’re in a blanket of snow or sitting pretty in suntan city, winter pool maintenance is important no matter your weather conditions.


What is better than the sound of birds chirping, water meandering down a stream and the crickets chirping at night as you sit by the campfire and enjoying smores with your family and friends.

Summer is an Attitude

Aqua Pools is everywhere this time of the year.

Sight: Look for water that

Is the water safe?

I cannot even count the times Aqua Pools gets the phone call asking-” Does this sound like the water is safe?” Here are a few things to consider:  Use your senses! A while back, musician, composer and radio talk show host John Tesh tweet

Important Facts About Winter Swimming Pool Cover Selection

By Phil Hlavin Many people love swimming. When you go round asking people what their hobbies are or what they like to do with their free time, many of them will mention swimming.

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ADA Compliance -Are you ready for the deadline?

On or after January 31, 2013 Subject to other provisions of this guidance, all existing pools of public entities and public accommodations must comply with the 2010 Standards to the extent required under title II program accessibility or title III

Save Money By Adding a New Pump

Save Energy with a new Pump! This new pump technology can drastically cut your electricity consumption and actually put money back in your pocket! Click the picture below to learn more.   http://www.pentairpool.

Filtration Guide

There are 3 main types of swimming pool filters: Sand, DE (which stands for Diatomaceous Earth), and Cartridge.